Omnii XT15

The Omnii platform includes the XT10, RT15 and the XT15. The Omnii platform is based on the concept of a highly modular mobile computing device that allows for both customization and collaboration. The customization provides Omnii customers the ability to add or replace various modular components as business needs or technology change. The collaboration allows 3rd parties & customers to develop unique hardware or software features that may not be available from the manufacturer directly. Much of this collaboration and ideas for customization take place between customers, developers and from the website – www.ingenuityworking.com

One of the big advantages of a module design is that it helps to reduce obsolescence. Customers are able to easily replace worn keypads, upgrade the radio or swap internal scanners when needed. By being able to reduce obsolescence, a company can keep the mobile device longer which lowers the total cost of ownership. In fact, customers can save up to 30% on hardware costs over the lifetime of the product by being able to reconfigure the device if needed versus the cost of buying replacement hardware.

The Omnii XT15 is not only a highly adaptive device but also a rugged mobile computer that can withstand multiple drops from 6.5 feet to concrete. Along with its ability to withstand multiple drops it is also sealed to IP67 standards allowing it to function in wet and dusty conditions. As far as operating temperature is concerned, the Omnii XT15 can operate in temperatures as low as -4°F all the way up to 122°F.

Users of the Omnii series like the high capacity 5000 mAh battery that comes standard. This allows users to work a full shift before having to recharge or swap batteries. A person using the XT10, RT15 or XT15 can also view on the display the battery condition thereby eliminating any guesswork on how much charge capacity is left.

The Omnii comes with a Microsoft Windows operating system. When ordering a new Omnii XT15 there are many options to choose from such as 1D, 2D and Auto-Ranging barcode scanners. A 3 Megapix camera with autofocus, 4X zoom and video capabilities is also available as an option. Having a camera on a hand-held computer can come in handy if you need to record and document damaged goods that are received into your warehouse.

When ordering an Omnii handheld device, you will need to decide what kind of keypad you want. The manufacturer offers a choice of a full alpha numeric keypad, a numeric keypad with larger keys, or a modified numeric/alpha keypad. A GPS module, pistol grip (for ease of scanning) and a Push-to-Talk speaker can also be added to the configuration as well.

The Omnii platform is clearly a feature rich, well designed handheld computer that will serve users well for inventory tracking and other data collection applications. Management will find the Omnii devices attractive due to its lower cost of ownership and hedge against obsolescence.

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